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Swimming Pools – Yes or No?

Realestate.com.au is the number one real estate search platform in Victoria therefore it makes sense to listen when their researchers speak. 

REA (the company behind realestate.com.au) holds valuable webinars for those in the real estate sector, I have always listened intently as they are generous with their information. One of the most fascinating segments in a recent webinar was about what buyers are searching for in their filtered search. Beyond the usual number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc, buyers can search for garaging, granny flats, sheds, courtyards and a view amongst a myriad of other attributes. Swimming pools were way down the list a few years ago however have now made their way into the top 10. Covid and lockdowns changed a lot of things for Victorians. Covid also made people stay at home and therefore seek more entertaining space and lifestyle elements and the swimming pool became a highly sought after feature. 

Baby Boomers and a Swimming Pool

We tend to think of swimming pools as being for family fun, young children and teenagers and the marketing reflects that. I believe that markets are missing a huge segment of the market. Baby boomers grew up in the tradition quarter acre back yard, many with the above ground Clark pool and the super fortunate with an inground pool. How envious we were of our Moorabbin cousins and their above ground pool. 

Pools have become a landscape feature these days, elaborate, stand out, an essential element in higher priced homes. We see homes in Richmond like Hamish Blake and Zoe Fosters and yes, they had a pool. https://www.domain.com.au/news/hamish-blake-and-zoe-foster-blake-selling-richmond-home-1030279/

We see homes by the beach also with pools. https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-vic-jam+jerrup-142763932

If pools and the need for them have soared then so has the variety of pools available. 

  • The clam shell pool and sandpit combo
  • Small inflatable pool
  • An inflatable pool with its own filter, 
  • An above-ground Clark pool
  • An ingenious water tank-type pool
  • A swim spa
  • An inground fibreglass shell
  • An inground concrete pool  
  • The Phillip Johnson billabong/natural pool www.phillipjohnson.com.au
  •  and so on

With all these pool types (and I am sure there are more) then we are spoiled for choice and there is no reason why we can’t all enjoy a pool in our yard (back, front, side) or inside our homes.

Swimming Pools and Maintenance

One of the biggest complaints we used to hear (and I do still hear this occasionally from my partner) is the work involved in maintaining a pool. We learned our lesson from our previous Wantirna home which had many native trees and a park full of wattle next door that left a continual mess in the pool and constructed our new pool at our new house where there were no surrounding trees and if a leaf made it in to the filter box then it had worked hard to get there. We didn’t anticipate the ducks and their mess and we didn’t anticipate evaporation or solar heating that made the pool too hot! We currently live in Olinda and too hot was not something we ever thought of!

There are pool maintenance companies that for a fee will come out regularly and check your ph levels and doctor your pool accordingly, they will clean your pool and do everything necessary so all you need to do is pay the bill and enjoy your pool. 

Pools have advanced cleaning equipment inbuilt too minimising the complaints and work required. Technology has come a long way from the endless hours devoted to swimming pool maintenance 

As a baby boomer and as a downsizer (decluttering is a nightmare) would I have another pool? Definitely. There are so many options to choose from both in build and in price. At the most extreme, a fully plumbed outdoor bath can provide the ultimate in relaxation without the price tag or need for planning permission.  I would definitely look at this option if my new house doesn’t have the space. Another option to look at would be Outback Pools https://outback.com.au/

Exploring all the possibilities makes a visit to the Pool and Spa Lifestyle Expo at South Wharf in Melbourne on Febraury 2 and 3  an absolute must. https://www.poolspalife.com.au/buying

You will see pools in action and I would definitely ask about noise levels of spas and pool filters. Our first spa was so loud it made conversation almost impossible and on reflection, must have been horrible for our neighbours. 

Pool fencing compliance is essential these days as drowning statistics show that after a period of plateauing we are on an increase. Whether  this was becuase more of us were at home and outside during lockdowns or perhaps complacency has crept in, pool safety should never be taken for granted, even if small children are not part of your household. 


Recent changes to legislation around pool fences need to be taken into account and there is more information on the link below. If the pool in whatever form it comes in, holds more than 300mm (30cm) then it must have a compliant safety barrier. If you have an investment property with a pool then you must comply. There is a whole gamut of complications with pools and renters that I wont get into here. 


outback.com.au and a corrugated swimming pool

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