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New to home buying? Maybe it’s been a while?

I have created an online course that should take around 90 minutes to complete. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s affordable and it should help you understand the process of buying a home in Victoria.

Carol Robertson CEA (Reiv) BBus

Valuing each client and their personal experience has been the baseline throughout my career in real estate. Beginning in 2002 as a salesperson in my local area, continuing to an agency owner with sales, property management and a team before evolving to real estate advocacy – working with buyers and sellers, removing any conflicts of interest, focusing on either the buyer or the seller, never both simultaneously. 

My clients are varied, many have become friends with repeat interactions and referrals to their own friends and families. Bringing and keeping the human element is my way of real estate. Processes and tech are necessary elements of any business, but people must always be the centre around which everything else revolves. 

Advocacy, your champion, by your side and on your side, guiding and coaching you through the process – whether you are buying a home or selling your home or investment property or are the Executor of an Estate. 

My expertise is residential real estate throughout Victoria, with fields of focus 

  • Women over 50 as they transition post-divorce, death of a partner or experiencing the real estate process for the first time or the first time in a long time or the first time by themselves, Ms. Property Melbourne
  • the over 50s as they downsize and retire, Carol Robertson Property
  • Those wanting to buy or sell in the Dandenong Ranges, Dandenong Ranges Real Estate Advocacy

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