90 Minutes to Knowledge – Making Buying a Home Easy (well, as easy as possible)

At an investment of around 50 cents per minute, knowing you will increase your knowledge or at least confirm your life experience of real estate. 

  • you have never bought a home before
  • or not by yourself
  • or not for a long time
  • or you want to refresh your knowledge and understanding to make sure you ask the right questions and don’t waste your time, energy, or your money.

In just 90 MINUTES you will increase your knowledge about the Buying a Home process in Victoria. You will work your way through 6 lessons and complete the challenges at the end (they help you really figure out what your new home looks like). Easy to follow, not too deep, enough to give you the basics of home buying.

6 lessons
6 lessons

3 Lessons to Knowledge

  • Your Mindset
  • Money
  • Search and Research

3 Lessons to Know-How

  • Your Offer
  • Sale to Settlement
  • Challenges and Glossary
Plus and Plus and Plus

Valuable Pdfs and Challenges


Your Glossary – The language of real estate

An introduction to the terms and words u.sed in the business of real estate


Your New Home – Your Wants, Needs & Must Haves

What do you want your new home look like vs what your new home MUST have


The 6 Questions you should answer before you buy a home.

The answers you need to consider BEFORE you buy


Be prepared when you buy a home

Be in the know

Don’t be left wondering 

Terms and Conditions (Ts&Cs)
  • Course cost is Non-refundable,
  • Access is provided for 12 months,
  • Contact Support at [email protected]
  • Property Investment is not covered in this Introductory Course
  • Content is not to be reproduced, shared or redistributed in any way shape or form and remains the intellectual property of Hogan and Robertson Pty Ltd