What is ‘HOME’ Now?

Home has changed. Home used to be a place of constant action and movement, people coming and going. School bags, parties, friends, in and out, always something buzzing, something needing to be done, people needing to be somewhere else. 

The family-sized home of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, multiple living areas is quiet now.

A flurry of activity when you get home from work and cook tea. Then peace falls over the house again. 

Weekends are quiet. 

Weekends used to be racing to get to basketball, to football and to dance classes. Rushing home, change of clothes, quick bite to eat and off again. 

“Mum can you pick me up, drop me off, I forgot my lunch”

Home is Quiet Now

Time flies by so fast and your once vibrant home now has only the echoes of the past. 

It’s not a bad thing. Life has been good, the stages just went faster than you thought they would. 

Now you want to get out and do YOU things. Lunch with friends, cruising the markets and galleries, weekends away, weeks away. Let’s take the caravan for a spin around Australia, let’s hike the Camino.

Worrying about house maintenance or your garden is not in your TOP 10 of things you want to do on the weekend. Something smaller or the same size house because now you can indulge in hobbies again and you still need a guestroom and study. 

No steps or minimal steps rather than a big back yard.

A primary bedroom with ensuite on the ground floor if a townhouse is what you seek. 

Space for the dog (and the cat). 

Walk to coffee. 

Knowing what you want. 

Knowing how you will pay for it and what you will spend.

Knowing who else you need to involve in your conversations.

Understanding the process involved because buying a home is a big step and you want to make sure it is the right one. 

Where do you begin?

Who can you talk to who will understand what you are going through?

How do you know how much you can spend on your new home?

There are loads of questions and fortunately, I have heard them all before and can provide you with answers. 

Take a read of my ebook FIRST FOUR STEPS BEFORE YOU BUY

And that will get you started. 

Why finding about buying first? Shouldn’t you sell first?


Finding out where you want to be, what you want in your new home, doing some research, beginning to sample what life could be in a new space and then coming home and making decisions. 

Selling your home is also a BIG decision and the two (buy and sell) usually go hand in hand – that is, you are thinking of both simultaneously. Selling your home is a whole other story and more on that later.