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Journal – June 3 2024

A Week in My Life – June 3 2024

Packing is EXHAUSTING!

The opportunity to delve into every book, the joy of rediscovering an old favourite or the Aha! Moment because you find a book that you thought you had bought but once it made it in your door you never saw it again!

Getting the house ready to sell becomes boring and distracting myself with the possibilities of where to next is much more fun. 

The beach? Which beach? On the beach, by the beach or see the beach in the distance? A really old holiday home to do up or a brand spanking new townshouse?Will all our stuff even fit in a townhouse?

More local? How far away is too far to no longer be local? We could be local in Emerald because my partner is from Emerald. Montrose? 

Sassafras? Over time up here you develop an affection for particular areas.Mt Dandenong and Olinda are where I have spent the most time and I am super comfortable here. Thinking to the future though and I want a different climate and a flatter house. 

If you have made a move recently, what became your determining factor? Friends, family, activities or a place where you have spent time over the years?

In the midst of all the difficulty associated with packing it has been an opportunity to explore. Explore old friends (we are talking books here), and revisit with new eyes or the opportunity to get rid of things that you have no idea why they are still in the house. Yes, year 8 maths text book I am looking at you.

Packing, cant we just leave it all here?

Nope, sorry, if it’s yours and not a fixture then when you go, it needs to go to. That includes the old junk, timber and paint cans under the house. 

If you have bought and your current dishwasher is better than the one in your new house then tough. You cannot take it with you unless it has been noted on the Contract.

Moving house, packing
Packing is exhausting work when you are moving home

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