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Journal – May 27 2024

A Week in My Life – May 27 2024

Planning on Moving?

We have been talking about moving for a long time. 

Once we became ‘empty nesters’ (when the kids left home) and the two of us were rattling around in our home, the pool and the land became maintenance rather than joy we knew the time was coming. 

We love our home. We designed and built it, moving in over summer 2002. It was meant to be our ‘forever home’. We didn’t realise how empty it would feel or how our old sporting injuries would come back to bite us as we aged.

I have an ebook about the First Four Steps you should take before you buy (attach link). It’s full of good advice about knowing what you want in your new home etc. What it doesn’t tell you and maybe that’s the next informational type book, is about packing books. 

An avid reader, I rarely meet a book that I think should’nt come home with me. I am certain that I will read it and yet so many sit on the shelves year after year – until now. 

Collating things, putting like with like, has taken more time than I could imagine. Putting every book in the house in a category and putting them in a plastic crate ($5 from Kmart, they are not super strong but are better protection from rats and weather than a cardboard box). Every dvd, every cd, every thing that we want to keep. 

My hallway is lined with garbage bags for distribution – Op Shops, Church Fair, costumes, Animal Aid etc. 

Why am I telling you all this? If you have been in your home for a while then ‘decluttering’ will take you longer than you think. 

If you plan on an August 2023 sale then be prepared for it to turn into August 2024 because life also needs to be lived and work still needs to happen. 

Be kind to yourself, write a list of ALL the things you should do and then delete the things that really won’t matter. If you need help with this then please reach out – it is part of what I do as your real estate guide. 

My empathy for home sellers is real. It’s a tough gig and we haven’t even got to the selling part

Decisions can by easy or hard

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