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Journal – June 17 2024

A Week in My Life, June 17th 2024

“Hello, are you there? Is anybody listening…”

A friend, my longest-known friend (so much nicer than saying my oldest!) contacted me on Saturday and said “Hello, Are you free to catch up soon?”

Real estate was hard yakka. You were basically working 7 days a week, always afraid that you would ‘miss’ a listing, ‘miss’ a buyer etc. 

Over time it becomes incredibly draining. You are spending more time with clients and ‘colleagues’ than with family and friends. It’s a ridiculous system and I am incredibly glad to be free of it. 

Advocacy brings me joy. I can be me (and yes, some would question if that is a good thing lol). I offer genuine guidance, collaborating with my clients, being true, being authentic. 

Assisting clients to sell their home or property, assisting clients to buy their next home, it’s exciting. It has revived my joy. It has rejuvenated my spirit. 

I am available when clients need me and eagerly answer. 

When my girlfriend asked me if I was free I cheerfully set up lunch for Sunday. Taking a break from packing was a relief. Taking a break from working was harder, that’s how much I love what I do. Once it was begrudging, now I am obsessed with how I can help people with their real estate problems. 

Helping a client successfully buy a home, knowing that if she has to do it again she will be far more knowledgable and confident. Teaching a person how to fish, passing my knowledge on.

Of course, not everyone wants to do a lot of it themselves, some want me to do it all and that’s fun too. It’s like finding the perfect Christmas present and wrapping it up for them. Their joy. Their relief. 

Lunch was great by the way. We meet at the Doncaster Hotel as a mid way point. Somehow five hours is not enough time to say all that we want to say. 

Oh, and I did some packing before I left home. Finished with the books, dvds and videos (yep, old school) and now onto the kids toys that have been hiding in one (or more) of our plentiful cupboards. Do my children care about my discoveries? No. But it makes me nostalgic, it’s cathartic. 

A few conversations this week about downsizing and possibly moving to an unfamiliar area. How will you make friends? Will your old friends come and visit? How about the kids? Will it be too far for them?

All are valid concerns. Often we want to move to a new area because the weather is better, it is close to a hobby that we want to develop or we have always loved visiting. 

Children move. You can follow them and they can get a better offer and off they go. Friends move too. Check out the area. What is available? What clubs could you join? The local council should be able to give you some guidance if you get stuck. Enjoy the exploration but please do it before you commit. 

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