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Journal – June 10 2024

A Week in My Life, June 10th 2024

What do I love about my work?

Helping people buy their very first home.

Helping people buy their first home after divorce

Helping people who need advice about what they should do when they sell their home to maximise their sale price.

My week in real estate this week involved each of these. 

I am grateful to do what I want every day. 

When you do what you love you feel guilty sending out invoices, unfortunately, it’s part of running a business.

“Thank you for your support and wise words of advice as we bought our first home!

Twenty two years of working with people achieving their goals. 

Having a dream and making that dream come true. 

Working through your want list and getting it down to what you absolutely must have in your new home. 

Remembering that ‘must have’ when you find a home that ticks a lot of the boxes. Does it tick enough boxes, does it tick the right ones or is it a ‘miss’ on something really important?

Keeping your goals to the forefront. Having the right attitude towards home buying or home selling along with the right support. 

I truly believe that working together, that’s me, you or one of your friends or family, will be successful, a ‘feel good’ moment because you know I am completely, utterly, on your side and by your side. 

House Hunting in a new area

Checking out different areas where you think you might want to live can be quite a shock when you get there and it’s not what you remember. 

Places change, faces change and what you thought might be possible faces quickly. 

It’s an important part of selling your home that you think very seriously about where you are going to move to. Don’t make assumptions. Check the area out thoroughly because when you do sell you may not have much time to choose your new home let alone your new area

I love my clients
Working with my clients is such a privilege

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