Journal – May 13 2024

A Week in My Life – May 13 2024

Creating my future, the way I want life to be. 

I love what I do so there will be heaps more real estate guidance in my future.

There will be time for fun and getting together with friends and family.

Time to get out more and explore our beautiful state of Victoria and maybe enough time to go further afield. 

A wonderful weekend for me. Any occasion when I get to catch up with my family, my children brings me a great deal of joy. 

We enjoyed lunch on Saturday at the Paradise Hotel in Clematis (highly recommend) with my mum, son, daughter and my partner. Then on Sunday, lunch was at the Post Office Hotel in Coburg. My daughter is getting married here next year and I am even more excited about the celebration now that I have seen the venue and experienced their food and service. 

Sunday night, mums favourite tea from Fairy Mountain in Monbulk with my sister, brother-in-law, my daughter and my partner. 

An incredible weekend!

It brings to mind the client experience. The service and their expectations. Clients don’t 100% know what they are going to get with a service, it’s not like food where you know pretty quickly whether they hype meets reality. Service for clients who are unfamiliar with real estate and how to navigate the journey is a bit like traveling the seas without a map. 

Give them the plan, set their expectations, be consistent, help them feel comfortable and secure. 

Have you given any thought to what you want to do in 12 months or 5 years or maybe even 10?

Do you intend to stay put in your current home?

My recommendation is to keep track of all your stuff and let it go before your cupboards get too full (voice of experience here). Keep the maintenance up too. 

Do you think that you might make a house move in 12 months? Give me a call, we can make a plan, chat about expectations and the best way to maximise your sale price whilst reducing your stress.

a week in my life in my garden
beautiful sun shining onto the garden

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